Hazel Dual Build: Adventures in Masking

With only a week left in the contest, I’m really starting to crunch.  A good portion of the parts are done and waiting for a clear coat and panel line, but I’m not out of the woods yet. The torso, shoulders and arms are still waiting on paint (they have to dry before I can add another color) and the head still needs to be started.  I’ve also been stripping and repainting parts that had problems earlier, like the above leg.  I still think I can finish in time but I may end up having to cut some corners as the week goes on.  If things aren’t clear coated by Friday, I’ll probably have to submit pictures without lines and decals and just finish up this kit after.

There’s also quite a bit that needs to be done for the other Hazel, but that’s all on the backburner until the contest is over.


Hazel Dual Build: Painting is Boring

That’s a half-truth.  Talking about painting is boring;  that’s why there haven’t been any updates as of late.

I kind of screwed up my timetable for the contest and realized that I have a week less than I had planned on.  It’s kind of shifted my priorities away more toward paint but I don’t see any reason that things won’t be done in time.  Anyway, here are some pictures to sate you for now.

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Hazel Dual Build: Two Left Feet.

Most of the more difficult masking on this project was done but as you can see it wasn’t a huge success.  The bleed over is pretty easy to fix but the paint that peeled up is a whole other problem.  I’m going to try some touch-up but I have a feeling these are going to have to be stripped/sanded and repainted.  If it does come to that, I’m definitely rethinking my masking strategy.

The Hazels are coming along pretty nicely.  It's been a little while since I've done a straight build of a Bandai kit and I'd forgotten just how easy it is.  As you can see, the colors aren't going to be identical on both kits but they will end up looking distinctly Titans Test Team. The major issue I'm dealing with right now is jut how much modification I'm going to to. The rules for  Dan's contest are that I can't modify any plastic for one of the two builds and I'm not deviating from that.  On the other hand, there are some details that could really use some enhancement.  The problem is that I still have the Shining Gundam in progress (And there are some really awesome updates for that that I'm holding back on for now) and that I really need to start my GBWC entry sometime in the next week or two if I'm going to have any hope of getting it done in time for Otakon. I may end up abandoning my plans for both of these kits and end up finishing them as mostly vanilla builds.  We'll see what the next few days bring.

So I've been working a few things lately, including a new page look.  Part of that is going back and taking new photos of some past kits with my new camera.  There are just some test shots, but I'm really amazed at the difference proper lighting and white balance makes.

As you can see, the nightingale is pretty much done, except for a missing left skirt and shield.I've kind of hit a snag there and I'm not yet sure how I'm going to address it: the emblems for the Nightingale are typically yellow but my build requires white. I tried freehanding them but that was an awful failure and Samueldecal doesn't appear to have what I want. I think I'm going to have to shop around a bit but ultimately this kit may just go without.