Works in Progress

Hazel Dual Build: Slow Going

Some things came up this weekend, so I wasn’t able to make as much progress as I would have liked.  I did get a chance to clean up that plate on the torso and reshape the skirts.  Things are mostly symmetrical now but I think it may have come at the cost of trimming the front skirts far too short.  At this point I’m leaning heavily toward scrapping them and starting over.


Hazel Dual Build: And Now We Start Again

I’ve started the second step of the build now and the above is a good 90% of the mods that I’ll be doing.  There is still some puttying, sanding and scribing that needs to be done but you can tell from this picute what the final shape of these pieces will be.The only thing that may change drastically are the front skirts.  The shape on them isn’t really accurate to the line art I’m using and cut as they are, it is very difficult to make them perfectly symmetrical.  If cleaning them up proves to be too much work, I may just scrap them and start from scratch with styrene sheet.

Hazel Dual Build: Getting Close

I’m feeling much more confident about making the deadline than I did on Sunday.  The only major painting left is another color on the head and the sides of the knees. (You can see in this pic that they are still unpainted.  That should all be set tomorrow,  and then I can finish up the touch-ups and let the paint dry a little bit before I clear coat on Friday.  Saturday will be panel lining, decaling, and flat coating.  It should be dry enough to handle on Sunday which will allow me to take the final pictures for this incarnation.

Once the pressure of the contest is off, I’ll be able to focus on the modifications to the second torso, waist skirts and booster and hopefully will have the entire dual build done the following week.

Hazel Dual Build: Adventures in Masking

With only a week left in the contest, I’m really starting to crunch.  A good portion of the parts are done and waiting for a clear coat and panel line, but I’m not out of the woods yet. The torso, shoulders and arms are still waiting on paint (they have to dry before I can add another color) and the head still needs to be started.  I’ve also been stripping and repainting parts that had problems earlier, like the above leg.  I still think I can finish in time but I may end up having to cut some corners as the week goes on.  If things aren’t clear coated by Friday, I’ll probably have to submit pictures without lines and decals and just finish up this kit after.

There’s also quite a bit that needs to be done for the other Hazel, but that’s all on the backburner until the contest is over.