So I've been working a few things lately, including a new page look.  Part of that is going back and taking new photos of some past kits with my new camera.  There are just some test shots, but I'm really amazed at the difference proper lighting and white balance makes.

I finally managed to get a kit I've been hunting down for a while now.  The Kotobukiya Technique impossible EVA kits were well known in their time as being the best Evangelion models around.  They were similar in scale to Bandai's Perfect Grade version, but offered much better articulation and detailing.  Unfortunately they were also known for being a nightmare to build.  These kits were full multimedia including color-cast resin, soft vinyl, injection molded plastic and an assortment of nuts and bolts. This particular kit is the EVA-03, which as far as I know is the last model of the line and comparatively is pretty hard to come by: Read More

My shipment came in from HLJ this morning and it was surprisingly heavy (9.5kg!)  Though the kits are really exciting, the thing I was most looking forward to is this: zomg! Mobile Suit Illustrated! This massive book is the Mobile Suit Illustrated for 2013!  It seems they only put these out every couple of years and they contain full color artwork for pretty much every suit in the Gundam universe plus a ton of line art.  This thing should be a great source of inspiration and reference information  even though most of the text is unreadable to me :/  

So yeah, I’m setting up one of these as well.  I’m still roughing out the layout, but actual content is planned for the next couple of days.  In the meantime, enjoy this gif that I made about the RX-78 2.0.