Up Next: TR-1 Hazel dual build

Up Next: TR-1 Hazel dual build

So, my next build is going to be a set of Hazels for the Out of Box Blastoff over at GoodGuyDan’s Blog. Well, that’s actually only half true.  Only he Hazel II on the left is going to be entered in the contest but due to the rules and my own preferences, both kits are going to have to be built at the same time for the sake of consistency.  Dan’s rules forbid any kitbashing or modifying of the base kit, but the version of the Hazel that I want to build doesn’t exist as a model.  It’s basically the head, legs, and backpack of the Hazel Custom with the torso and waist of the Hazel II , with a two shield/beam rifle loadout.. In short, it looks like the Custom on the right but with the less chunky cockpit and crotch areas and the TTT color scheme.  So the current plan is to build and paint both at the same time, take the pictures for Dan’s contest, then do some part swapping and take some more photos of the final configuration.

Also, I haven’t forgotten about the Shining Gundam.  My belt sander came in and I’ve been messing around with it a little.  Unfortunately, I live in an apartment and it’s really inconsiderate to operate that kind of machinery at night, so it’s going to have to be relegated to a weekend project for the moment.  But now that I have the tools, progress on it should start to move quickly.


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