Some days are better than others.

Some days are better than others.

With a few exceptions, I do most of my painting with enamels. I like the finish and range of color, the local availability and that they don’t gas me out of the room. The tradeoff for this is that when you screw something up, they really take the screws to you.

Shortly after posting the photo from about a week ago, I went back and looked at my reference picture and realized that I got the dorsal fin wrong. If I was using lacquer or acrylic, this would be no big deal; wait a day or two, mask it and give it once-over. Enamel isn’t nearly so forgiving. You have to wait a week or two before masking, and if you’re lucky it will be dry enough that you can mask without pulling up what you’ve already done. If it’s been a rainy week, find something else to do, because it’s not going to be ready.

So I waited it out and decided to take my chances tonight. It was mostly alright, but it pulled up in two spots anyway. I want to be mad at it, but I guess it’s still my fault for deciding to wing it instead of double checking my color scheme before laying down paint.

So anyway, I suppose I should take a moment to talk about the colors.  If you haven’t figured it out by now, It’s not going to be the straight-red version that people seem to do with these kits.  It’s a not so secret secret that I’m a huge fan of the work of Mamoru Nagano (Oh yes, there will be FSS builds in the future), so I decided to make a few modifications to the body of this kit and then color to match his drawing below.  I’m not going to go crazy trying to match the lineart or anything (It IS an SD,afterall) but I’m hoping to catch some of the spirit of it.

Nagano's Nightingale


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