Shining Gundam Update for 2/3

Shining Gundam Update for 2/3

Wow, has it almost been a week already?  I feel like I’ve been troubleshooting this week more than progressing on the build. My attempts to widen the cockpit area with putty and pla plate have been messy failures, so I’ve decided to rework the whole area from scratch.  So far, it’s been a lot faster and I’m liking the results more:

New & old cockpit

I’ve also been working on the lighting gimmick for the Shining Finger.  After getting my hands on the manual for the HY2M addon for this kit, I realized that there was no way I could construct something similar due to them using a completely different structure for the forearms.  I did give me some ideas about the battery size that could fit in there though, so I gave it a start:Forearm Assembly

Forearm battery

 disassembly and risk of damageBattery Pack in Forearm

The design should allow me to replace batteries with minimal disassembly and risk of damage.  I actually think it’s better than the HY2M design, but I also didn’t have to give any consideration to it being too fragile for the mass market.  Unforetunately I don’t have the right sheet metal on hand to make the contacts for it to work, but that’s trivial and should be solved by this time next weekend.  In the meantime, the plan is to continue pressing on with the torso changes, make some minor modifications to the way the Shining Shot cannons extend, and to rework the core lander so that it can flip up its thrusters the way it does in the anime.


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