Shining Gundam Update for 1/20

Thanks to some car trouble I wasn’t able to put as much time into gunpla this weekend as I would have liked. Nonetheless, some progress was still made.

I spent quite a bit of time wiring and rewiring the head for lighting, only to completely dislike and completely scrap the results.  I’m going to return to it eventually but not before I figure out a way to work with the very narrow viewing angle for LEDs.

I did get a little bit of plastic work done, though; mostly in the shoulders.  This kit has these awful, blocky shoulders with a transformation gimmick that doesn’t hold up under its own weight.

Shining Gundam box photo

I wanted a more aggressive look, so they were trimmed down and re-angled.  They don’t sit right, as you can see from the first picture, but they are going to be permanently raised, so it won’t matter.  I’m also planning to reshape the red borders so that they flare out a bit.  The current lines on them are a little boring.

There are more images from this weekend, and you can see them in the WIP gallery here!


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